Good Questions to Ask Your Boss on a Regular Basis

Whether you like it or not, not getting along with your supervisor can be a barrier to a career. But there are keys to making this relationship go as smoothly as possible. Good Questions to Ask Your Boss on a Regular Basis may can improve the relathionship with your boss.

Many employees find it difficult to make contact with their boss. The main reason is certainly their lack of confidence in discussions they have with their supervisor. Thus, according to a study carried out within companies, 75% of the employees questioned admit to feeling stressed when their boss is in the area. And yet, like it or not, having a good relationship with your employee is often a kind of career facilitator.

Fortunately, for the people who have the most difficulty communicating with their boss, human resources expert Jodi Glickman told Life Hacker that by simply asking the following eight questions, contact with your boss will be more than simplified.


How was your weekend?

When to ask this question:
“Even though Monday mornings are hectic and everyone has a million things to do, you shouldn’t overlook the possibility of asking your boss a whole series of questions about your weekend,” suggests Jodi Glickman, author of Great on the Job: What to Say, How to Say It: The Secrets of Getting Ahead at Indeed, it gives you the opportunity to start a personal relationship with his employer. “Try to ask him about a specific time of his weekend: his son’s football game, for example,” continues Jodi Glickman.

Why it’s important to put it down:
The more you know about your boss, the better. By learning how he / she spends his / her time outside of the office, you will know what is important to him / her. “This allows you to build relationships outside of simple spreadsheet analyzes,” Jodi Glickman analyzes. 

What is your biggest problem and how can I help you solve it?

When to ask this question:
This is a great question to ask when you have just gotten a new job or joined a new team as it will give you insight into the demands of the job you will have to provide. Another good time to ask this question: when a new supervisor joins your department. But generally speaking, this question can be asked at any time. Indeed, noticing that his superior is not necessarily on his plate and making him understand that you can be a support in difficult times is rather well perceived by the employers.

Why it is important to ask it:
“It shows that you are a strategic, thoughtful person who has the spirit of initiative” certifies Jodi Glickman.

When you think of the best employees who have worked for you, what marks you first?

When to ask this question:
This is not the kind of question to ask in front of the coffee machine. Indeed, this question arises during a serious exchange such as when submitting a report or when your boss comes to see you for a specific thing. This query can be a good way to signal that you want to improve and learn new skills.

I am really excited to work with you on this file. Would it be possible to have some comments from you on this subject?

When to ask this question:
Whenever you start a new project, job, or join a new team. In short, your boss needs to understand that their opinion is important to you. And this throughout the current file.

Why it’s important to ask it:
Whenever you ask your boss after an important meeting, “How did it go?”

The best way to be sure of what he really thinks is to ask this kind of question in advance, to ask him for comments on the file while it is being finalized.

I really want to close this file. Do you have any models that I could refer to? (Or is there someone in the company who could give me some information?)

When to ask this question:
At the start of a project that is nothing like what you have done before.

Why it’s important to put it down:
It is very likely that your boss has a very precise vision of how he / she would like a project to be carried out and if you do not have a precise idea of ​​his / her expectations he / she is likely to be disappointed. Asking for advice up front will help you avoid disappointment down the road.

I would love to supervise such a project in the next six months. Is it possible to talk about it again once all the current files have been completed?

When to ask this question:
When you excel in your current role and feel ready for a new challenge. All this while being certain that this new workload will not have an impact on your current activity.

Why it’s important to ask it:
Managers love employees who are happy to learn, grow and take on new responsibilities,” explains Jodi Glickman. 

What more can I do? What should I stop doing? What should I continue to do? What am I doing right?

When to ask this question:
Ideally, these are questions that your boss will naturally answer during your annual skills assessment. If you want to hear from your manager at another time you can always send an email asking him for some one-on-one time in the hope that he will answer these specific questions.

Why it’s important to put it down:
“There are probably a lot of things that you do well and that your boss likes but there are certainly others that he would like you to stop doing without ever having had the courage to tell you” Jodi Glickman understands . To this series of questions, your manager will answer them without problem and this will avoid hours and hours of cold or incomprehension. If your boss sidesteps these questions and responds that you are doing a great job, you can push it a little bit with a phrase like, “I really appreciate hearing that everything is fine but I would really like to level up and get started. new challenges. What do I need to do to make sure I get promoted next year? “

Could we schedule a professional follow-up conversation in the next few days?

When to ask this question:
At the end of a performance review or a simple conversation.

Why it’s important to ask:
It’s often difficult to think of yourself or ask constructive questions in the middle of a conversation. So taking the time to collect your thoughts and think about how to respond to your boss is sometimes helpful.

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