Practical tips to help you stand out from other employees

Here are some practical tips to help you stand out from other employees


Continuously improve

To maintain your competitiveness in the job market, you need to continually update your skills. Focus on areas in which you excel and that you would like to explore more. It is precisely this expertise that allowed you to land your current position. However, you must adapt to new demands and be able to take on new responsibilities to improve your employability. You can browse online job postings for positions similar to yours to stay up to date with developments. Determine if you still correspond to the profile of the position and if this is not the case, it will then be necessary to consider developing the corresponding know-how.

Develop your ability to adapt

The ability to adapt is essential in order to stand out. A proven ability to adapt will allow you to access new responsibilities more easily. This ability is all the more important in a context where the company is redefining its objectives, offering new products, or opening up to new markets. Maximize your operational efficiency and volunteer for new projects. Here are the keys to maintaining your employability.

Maintain your professional network

Your network of connections is one of the most useful tools for finding work or helping you advance in your career. Your contacts will be able to guide you on your company’s strategy and allow you to identify the sectors in line with your skills. You will also have an idea of ​​your level of competitiveness in the current job market and you will be able to identify areas for improvement. Remember that social media works on a give and take model, be sure to give your contacts the support and advice they need in turn. Improving your employability takes a lot of time and sustained effort. But don’t put too much pressure on yourself, it’s impossible to achieve perfection.

Improve your language level

The act of learning a new language is a skill that differentiates you mention on your resume. This increasingly sought-after skill shows your openness to the world, your adaptability and allows you to work in an international environment. In addition, fluency in English or another language will potentially allow you to claim a higher salary, thanks to a positive correlation with higher earnings.

English is one of the most sought-after languages ​​as it is widely used in the language of business, diplomacy, and academia globally. There are, however, many other languages ​​requested by recruiters such as Arabic, Mandarin, Spanish, and German which have millions of native speakers and strongly influence the global geopolitical and economic scene.

Complete your Curriculum of studies

In many areas, having a university degree will allow you to land a job and increase your income significantly. Sectors such as banking and finance, economics, politics, and business, in particular, often recruit exclusively higher education graduates for many positions. It is therefore essential to choose studies that suit you perfectly. Beyond the diploma obtained, your employer will be sensitive to your internships, experiences, language stays, and others that will complete your profile.

Gain experience in the relevant field

How to get your first job, when the selected position requires skills in the field in question? You may need to do internships or give your time for free as the first step in order to navigate your way from the bottom of the ladder, but to serve coffee, make rankings or manage the social networks of the company concerned. is the first step in the process.

Thus, the slightest professional assignment will enhance your CV and highlight your achievements and your qualities. In addition, it will give you a very good overview of the professional trajectory taken before committing to a permanent job.

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