essential tools to boost your efficiency at work

How to be as efficient as possible during working hours, even remotely? Today, it is impossible to miss out on simple and effective tools to help you better organize yourself and improve your productivity at work. Mobile applications or websites, these can allow you to work faster and better by centralizing a number of tasks. Cadremploi has taken you through the 10 essential tools to boost your work efficiency, even remotely.


Improve communication between teams with effective tools at work

Collaborate better with your colleagues, streamline exchanges and centralize group work, this is the bet made by the applications below. Here are productivity tools to use as quickly as possible.


Slack is the perfect tool for instant messaging with members of your team and even the entire company. The app allows you to create private groups to communicate with certain members only. No need to walk miles between you and your colleagues or increase their number of unread emails, with instant message sending, Slack will boost your efficiency at work.


Jira allows you to follow the progress of your tickets and to interact between several teams. A sort of multifunction platform initially created to develop software, Jira then expanded to project management. Useful application for product owners , developers or companies working with the Agile method , Jira allows thanks to its different boards to see the progress of your tickets at a glance.


As a project organizer, Trello allows you to manage group work more effectively. It allows you to place the different tasks to be performed in columns, on the Kanban model . If organization is not your forte, this app will become your best friend and will not waste your time.

Essential tools for speeding up

How to boost your productivity? By avoiding wasting time with professional tasks that call on uncontrolled skills, such as note taking or creativity for example. Your daily life is made easier with the tools that we present to you.

Can go

Canva is a site for anyone who needs to be creative without necessarily having the graphic skills. It allows you to quickly design visuals (posters, computer graphics, write a CV, etc.) by offering you customizable models. Time saving guaranteed!


Evernote makes note-taking a breeze, but that’s not all. The application automatically synchronizes with all your office devices: phone, computer and even tablet. You will find your notes on all your media and can work with all your tools.

Boost your efficiency at work by staying zen all day

2.0 tools have become real allies for you to relax and improve your productivity at work.


To stay focused and improve productivity, use and  abuse Noisli  ! Too much noise in your open space , disturbed by professional calls from your colleagues, this website allows you to put yourself in a musical bubble and stay focused on your tasks at work. For sure, your daily efficiency will be boosted.


Meditation and relaxation 2.0 mobile application, Pause invites you to de-stress and let go for a few minutes during the day. Gentle, efficient and pleasant method to relax you and improve your productivity if you are stressed at work.

Plan your working time with efficient tools

Do it tomorrow

Don’t want to do it today? Push back until tomorrow. Do it Tomorrouw , the ideal app for all claimed procrastiners! In your virtual diary, write down your daily tasks and postpone them at will over the following days.


Inviting several colleagues to a meeting can become a real headache and a real waste of time. To quickly find available slots that fit multiple calendars, use Doodle 


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